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Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

Protect your motorcycle with quality insurance coverage from Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL. There are various motorcycle policies available to protect you, your motorbike, and passengers while on the road. The insurance policies offered cover theft, vandalism, collision damage costs, injuries, natural disasters, and much more. The following are just a few coverage options offered in Illinois.

Comprehensive Coverage

This policy pays for damages to your motorcycle not arising from a collision. It covers the costs of damage and loss caused by either theft, vandalism as well as natural disasters such as storms, wind, tornadoes, and fire. This policy covers all costs of replacing or repairing your motorcycle within the agreed limits.

Liability Coverage

This policy may cover either bodily injuries or property damage liabilities. Bodily injury liability coverage covers any medical expenses as well as lost wages resulting from the injury or death of a passenger or another motor driver when you are at fault.

Property damage liability coverage covers damages you cause to other people’s property such as vehicles, residences, or any structures.

Collision Coverage

It pays for any cost incurred due to physical damage to your motorcycle caused by a collision with another automobile or object such as a tree or building and also if you roll over. This is for if you are found at fault in the accident.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

This is an emergency assistance program. In any event that you get stuck or your motorbike gets disabled through things like a flat tire, we help tow it to the closest repair shop. In case you incur any costs towing your bike after it breaks down, costs of the towing services and labor are reimbursed.

Custom Equipment Coverage

Any aftermarket parts or equipment which wasn’t initially installed on your bike by the manufacturer is covered under this policy. The coverage pays for any customizations, upgrades, and accessories such as gloves, helmets, and leather jackets.

OEM Endorsement Coverage

This coverage policy ensures that your bike gets repaired with new parts from an original spare part manufacturer.

For the best protection of your motorcycle and passengers, contact or visit Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL to get expert assistance in choosing a policy that suits your needs. We offer coverage for cyclists in Illinois and Wisconsin and have agents waiting to answer your state-specific questions.

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