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Auto Insurance in Illinois

We at Statewide Insurance Solutions understand the value of your car and all the risks involved in driving. That is why we bring you a comprehensive and reliable auto insurance coverage in Illinois. We seek to protect you against any financial loss if you have an accident. Our agreement is binding, and you can be sure that we shall keep our word. Our auto insurance provides comprehensive coverage for property, liability, and medical expenses both in and outside Waukegan, IL.

Our liability coverage pays for your legal responsibility when you cause bodily injuries to other people while driving or damage property. The Statewide Insurance Solutions property coverage will pay for any damage to your vehicle or incidents caused by theft. The medical coverage caters to the cost of treating injuries, funeral expenses, rehabilitation, and sometimes lost wages.

Different Coverage Options Under the Same Policy

Our auto insurance in Illinois also provides uninsured motorist coverage. This is meant to reimburse you just in case an accident is caused by an uninsured motorist. We are likely to refund 100% if it is a case of hit-and-run. We also offer underinsured motorist coverage which is meant to cover costs when the other driver involved in an accident lacks adequate coverage to meet the costs of a severe accident.

Who Do We Cover?

Our auto insurance covers you and your family members. We don’t care whether you were driving your insured car or a friend’s car with permission. We cover all your driving, so it doesn't matter if you are involved in an accident while running errands, taking a road trip, or commuting to work. You will always be under our care.

Is your car not yet insured? Let Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL help you. Contact us today for a complete auto insurance policy quote or use our online rating tool to obtain a quote from home.

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