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Commercial Insurance in Illinois

We at Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL understand that you need a reliable and trustworthy insurer to hold your hand when a disaster strikes your business.

Our commercial insurance policy will ensure that your company will survive any calamity that may occur and will remain standing. Our comprehensive commercial insurance policy for Illinois business owners protects against lawsuits, accidents, theft, and disasters that can wreak havoc on your business. We provide services that benefit auto and repair shop owners to lawyers and landscapers. The needs of a grocery store may be different than the needs of an apartment complex. A commercial insurance policy has a variety of benefits that can be broken down for your situation.

Statewide Insurance Solutions commercial insurance package policies include:

Business Owners Policy

Our policy is specifically designed to provide comprehensive property coverage for buildings and contents owned by enterprises in Illinois. Our commercial policies also provide liability protection covering your business’s legal responsibility in the event that it causes harm to visitors.

Business owners in Illinois can choose between our standard and full commercial coverage. The complete policy provides a more comprehensive coverage and is suitable for businesses that are at a high risk of suffering losses. We take the burden of ensuring that you don’t lose your income when a catastrophe such as fire strikes leading to business interruption.

Home Business

No need to worry if you are running a home-based business, we can provide policies to fit your needs. Your home-based enterprise isn't immune to disasters, theft, or other catastrophes. In fact, statistics show that most of the home-based businesses in the U.S. are vulnerable to significant financial losses since their owners tend to ignore the idea of getting a proper commercial insurance policy.

That is why our home commercial policy is specially designed to provide comprehensive coverage to your home-based enterprise cautioning you against any financial losses that you may suffer when a disaster strikes.

Other Services

We also offer services for taxes and bonds. Our agents can work with you to help you work through these processes and make sure that your business holds up in times of financial struggle. We can work with you closely and give you more details after learning about your situation.

Is your business not yet covered? We offer affordable and comprehensive commercial insurance coverage. Visit or call our office in Waukegan, IL to speak with an agent and have your questions answered.

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