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Classic Car Insurance in Illinois

Providing coverage to your classic car is vital in ensuring that it stays around for a long time. In case of an accident or damage, this coverage will help you with the bills that may arise from the tragedy. Taking care of your classic car can be expensive sometimes, especially when involved in a collision.

Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL will help you understand the process that your car will have to go through before it is insured. A classic car is not eligible for the regular auto insurance quotes. This is because it requires special care and the value of the vehicle may vary.

How does a car qualify to be a classic?

Not all cars qualify to be termed as vintage or classic cars. Mostly, the age of the vehicle will determine whether it falls under this category. A vehicle that is at least 15 years old might qualify, but some states require it to be up to 25 years old. To determine whether your car qualifies, contact us, we will be able to inspect it then let you know.

We are Reliable

Anyone who has ever used our services will let you know that our clients are our top priority. This has enabled us to build a competitive brand name that goes beyond Waukegan, IL, Illinois, or even Wisconsin. You can call us for a classic car quote or any other related information. Visiting us is also an excellent way of finding out about our services. You can even bring the car along.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, and understand the needs of the Illinois and Wisconsin community. We know this because we are part of the Illinois and Wisconsin community. Our services are also fast, dependable, and transparent. We do not have hidden charges or change the terms we agree on during the initial consultation. We at Statewide Insurance Solutions promise to work with you to meet your insurance concerns.

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