Can You Get A Citation While You’re Operating A Boat?

Spending a day at the lake can be a fun time for everyone. Boat owners who live near Waukegan, IL always look forward to taking a long cruise around the lake or spending the day fishing. The agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions can offer helpful suggestions on staying safe while you’re out on the water. Boat safety is important to everyone at the lake and should always be a concern whether you are operating the craft or are just a passenger.

Boating Rules and Regulations

Some rules and regulations must be followed while operating a boat on the water, just as when you operate a car on the highways and streets. Just because there are no lines to follow, it doesn’t mean the lake or river is an open playground. When other watercraft are nearby, it’s extremely important to know the rules and regulations of operating a watercraft on a public waterway.

Consideration for Others

In addition to following the rules of the water, you should also be respectful and courteous of other boaters. Give the right away and slow down as you approach other boats and watercraft. Be mindful of your wake and how it will affect others on the water. Avoid being reckless. The Coast Guard and park rangers do have the authority to offer citations and will do so if they feel they are warranted.

Waukegan, IL residents who love to spend time on the water can turn to the agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions if they have questions about a citation they received while on the water and how it could affect your insurance. Call and schedule an appointment today so you can get the answers you need!


Why do you need auto insurance?

We offer great auto insurance for uninsured and insured motorists alike. Whatever happens on wheels, Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL has you covered.

Why do you need auto insurance?

Are you constantly on the road? On your way to work, school, events, or off on a long road trip? No matter how often or how long you’re in your car, every time you hit the road you run the risk of an accident. As unfortunate as this fact is, it is indeed a reality of driving. You may be a wonderful driver, but we can’t control other drivers nor can we prevent accidents. So, if an accident happens, you want to make sure you’ve got the right coverage.

No matter how severe the accident, hopefully never too bad, you want to make sure your auto insurance will take care of you; doctor bills, vehicle repairs, uninsured other drivers, and more. You never want to be unprepared when the what-ifs of life hit you. It is our job to be prepared for the unexpected events of life and to make sure you are covered no matter what.

We know that you value your car and those in it, so we at Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL make covering you and your car a priority. Whether you are at fault, experience a hit-and-run, are dealing with an uninsured driver, or driving your friend’s car, we’ve got a plan for you. To help you find a reliable plan, an agent or our online rating tool will give you an accurate and personalized quote.

There’s nothing worse than not having coverage when you need it. So, if you’re from the Waukegan, IL area, don’t delay, contact the Statewide Insurance Solutions and get insured today!

Examples of Different Types of Umbrella Coverages

Umbrella insurance is something that not all people need, but that can benefit a broad range of people. For those that do want to know more about umbrella coverage, it is helpful to take the time to learn about the different types of umbrella policies you may be able to take out. For those in the Waukegan, IL area, the agents with Statewide Insurance Solutions can help you to find the right umbrella coverage for your needs.

Umbrella policies can be added to nearly any sort of policy that you have already purchased. Some of the most common policies that you add umbrella policies to are auto and home. This type of coverage is going to add extra coverage so that if something happens above and beyond the coverage that you currently have, you are still going to be covered. Umbrella policies are not particular and are not designated to one specific type or other and are more often classified by the policy that they are added to. Umbrella policies can also be added to travel insurance, car insurance, home insurance, property insurance, and more.

If you are looking to add an umbrella policy, you are going to need to figure out how much extra coverage you need and what policy you want to add. In most cases, your umbrella policy is going to be through a third party insurer as your primary insurance company is likely going to suggest adding more coverage to your existing policy rather than adding an entirely new supplemental policy.  

For those that live in the Waukegan, IL area, the agents with Statewide Insurance Solutions can help you find the right policy that is going to work for your needs and your policies every time. Contact our agents for more information and get help with a policy.

When Can You Cash Out Your Life Insurance?

The agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions understand the benefits of using the equity you have built within your whole or universal life insurance policy. If you live in the Waukegan, IL area and have questions about cashing out all or part of your life insurance policy, you can call your local agent to get all of the information you need.

Cashing Out A Portion Of Your Life Insurance

Many people invest in a life insurance policy knowing that the ones who will benefit from it the most will be those who are left behind to cash it in. There are policies, however, that allow you to cash out a portion, or in some cases, all of the equity you have built up in the policy. The equity is the amount of the premiums you have already paid into the policy and the total of what the policy is actually worth at the time.

Repaying Your Policy

Most policies allow you an option to keep paying the premiums after you have cashed out a portion of the policy. You may also have the option to make additional payments and treat the cash out as a loan against the policy. These options will depend on how your policy is set up and the amount of equity you have already invested in it.

Residents who live in the Waukegan, IL area and have a mature life insurance policy may be able to borrow against it. Call and schedule a consultation with the agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions today if you have questions about purchasing a life insurance policy or how you can borrow against an existing one. The money is yours. Find out how you can use it to your advantage.

When is the Right Time to Buy Home Insurance?

Whether you recently purchased a home in Waukegan, IL or you have been a homeowner for some time, you may be wondering what you should be doing regarding home insurance. Having a home insurance policy is something that is always recommended by Statewide Insurance Solutions because when you buy a home, it is likely one of your biggest investments. If you have not yet gotten a home insurance policy, you may be wondering when you should start to consider one. 

When is the best time to buy home insurance?

That would have been yesterday but since you cannot go back in time, getting it as soon as possible will have to do. Ideally, you do not want to go even one day without a home insurance policy in place because that leaves you without any type of coverage in case of an accident. You do not want to run that risk because, without a policy, if you lose your home to something like a fire, you will have no coverage to replace it. You will have to start all over again on your own in order to rebuild, or you will have to cut your losses if you cannot afford it. This is not something that anyone wants to have happen to them, but if you do not have a home insurance policy in place at all times, it can be a very real outcome for you.

If you would like for us to take a look at your current home insurance policy to make sure that it meets all of your needs, we can do so at no charge. We can also provide you with a free quote for coverage if you do not already have a home insurance policy in place. Be sure to contact Statewide Insurance Solutions, serving Waukegan, IL, today to get started and get your free quote or try our online rating tool.

Does Your Business Require a Commercial Insurance Policy?

Before starting up a business, it is very important to make sure that all of the aspects of it are set up and ready to go. One of the issues that often gets overlooked is having the right insurance. A commercial insurance policy is needed for most businesses, and not having it can be very detrimental if there are problems that arise in a company’s future. With that in mind, though, not every business that gets started up in Waukegan, IL will need a commercial policy. That is why it is so important to work with a company like Statewide Insurance Solutions, in order to get questions answered and find out whether a policy is required.

If commercial insurance is needed, the company can also get the right policy by having quotes to compare. Working with a trusted insurance company means getting a number of quotes from insurance providers the company represents so that one can be chosen that fits the company’s needs. There is more at stake than just having a policy in place. The right policy will cover everything the company needs, but will not offer a lot of extra coverage. That balance is important and can be a big part of keeping a financially stable business.

To find out whether your Waukegan, IL business needs commercial insurance, contact Statewide Insurance Solutions and get the information you need. That way your business can be properly covered, no matter what kind of insurance it needs. Protection is part of making sure a business is operating the way it needs to, and insurance works to keep a company protected. Reach out to our agents to learn how to get started and receive more information on how a commercial policy can benefit you.

What to Consider When Getting Home Insurance in Waukegan, IL

Are you looking for home insurance in Waukegan, IL? It is important to get everything right when purchasing your home insurance to avoid any pitfalls that may result in losses down the line. For this reason, there are significant things to consider to ensure you have the ideal home insurance for your needs.

Your Coverage Needs

The first step to getting the right insurance is to determine your coverage needs on the home itself as well as on your personal property. For coverage needs on the home or building, most insurance companies will determine how much to pay you in case of a loss in three major ways. First, they will evaluate the actual cash value, which is basically the actual worth of the property immediately before the loss so have that in mind. They will also consider replacement costs, which entail the costs of replacing or rebuilding the property using materials of like quality and kind. The last option is an evaluation of extended replacement costs, which includes costs of paying for the replacement of the building even when they exceed the policy limit.

For coverage needs on personal property, most home insurance policies tend to cover personal properties for half of the building’s policy limit. However, if you require more coverage for your personal property, you can consult your insurance agent.

The Insurance Company

There are several insurance companies that offer home insurance in Waukegan, IL. These companies have different home insurance policies so you need to have this in mind when approaching an insurance company. You need to purchase your home insurance from a reliable company so it is recommended that you evaluate more than one company when getting home insurance. The official Illinois website has plenty of useful resources you can use to get more information about an insurance company such as its license status.

For more information on home insurance in Waukegan, IL, visit Statewide Insurance Solutions.