is Your Gurnee, IL Business Disaster Ready?

With natural disasters on the rise, commercial insurance is more important than ever to protect your Gurnee, IL business from financial loss. Insuring your business is one of many ways to prepare your company against disasters. At Statewide Insurance Solutions, we recommend you make a disaster preparedness plan that includes the following:

Assess Your Risks

Assess the risks to your business so you can prepare against them. Illinois is prone to a number of disasters to include severe rainstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, etc. Depending on the type of business you own and its location, your company could also be at risk of theft, fire or vandalism. Once you’ve assessed your business risks, take measures to protect your building, equipment and inventory against them.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Create a plan for evacuating your customers or employees from your business site in the event of a disaster. Protecting your workers and clientele from injury or death is a priority. Designate escape routes and make sure they’re well marked and accessible so people have no problems reaching them when disaster strikes.

Protect Critical Data  

Back up critical customer and employee data as well as essential business records and programs in a separate, safe location. If your data is lost at your business site due to a disaster, you’ll have backup copies to continue business operations and expedite your recovery.  

Customize Commercial Coverage

Tailor your commercial insurance to provide the essential protection your company needs. Talk to your Statewide Insurance Solutions agent about coverage options, deductibles, insurance limits and exclusions so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your policy. By customizing your commercial policy, you can maximize the protection your business receives against disasters.

For more information about commercial coverage for your Gurnee, IL small business, contact Statewide Insurance Solutions today.

Do You Need Bar Insurance in Illinois?

Do you operate a bar in Illinois or plan to open one in the near future? Then you’ll need to find out if bar insurance is required. It helps to talk to a professional at an agency such as Statewide Insurance Solutions, which serves the Gurnee, IL area.

Bar Insurance Requirements in Illinois

It is necessary for you to have bar insurance if you operate a business that sells alcohol in Illinois. This is known as liquor liability insurance. It can be added to your existing policy (or one that you’re just having put in place) or you can have it be a standalone policy if this is not available. Most of the states in the United States do require a bar to have this.

Dram Insurance Not Only for Bars and Restaurants

It’s not only bars and restaurants that should have bar insurance in place. If you plan to serve any alcohol at an event for your business, this will be necessary. This also is the case if your business has a BYOB (bring your own beverage) event or if this is allowed under normal operation. This is also the case if your business sells alcohol in containers to be consumed off the premises.

Learn What You Need for Insurance in Gurnee, IL

You would do well to talk to a dependable agent about the matter of getting bar insurance, or liquor liability insurance. Someone from Statewide Insurance Solutions can assist you with a policy that will fit your unique situation. Look no further than our agency for top-notch and reliable guidance for your insurance needs. Reach out by calling or stopping by the office, or ask any questions via the online form today.

What is included with my Illinois commercial insurance policy?

Anyone that owns a business in the Gurnee, IL area will know that there are a lot of opportunities that come with owning a company. At the same time, there are risks and challenges that come with business ownership. One of the best ways to mitigate these risks is by getting a commercial insurance policy, which will include a variety of different forms of insurance coverage. 

Coverage for Liability

One important form of coverage in your Illinois commercial insurance policy is coverage for liability. A business owner will take on a lot of liability risks on a daily basis. If you have a customer that gets hurt or sick by using your product or service, you could be held responsible. In these situations, you could have to pay a lot in restitution to cover these damages. Fortunately, a commercial insurance policy will provide you with liability coverage to offset this risk.

Property Coverage

Business owners all over the state will need to make an investment in assets to get their company off the ground and growing. To ensure that these assets are always protected, you will want to get a full commercial insurance policy. This insurance will give you coverage to ensure that you can replace or repair your assets if they are stolen or damaged. 

There are clearly many reasons why someone in Gurnee, IL will need to have commercial insurance. For those that are looking for all of the protections that it provides, contacting the team at Statewide Insurance Solutions is a great option. The insurance team at Statewide Insurance Solutions will be able to explain to you all of the benefits that come with commercial insurance coverage. They can then help you get into a policy that gives the best coverage possible. 

How does an umbrella policy help after a natural disaster?

It might be difficult to imagine a town like Gurnee, IL suffering a major disaster, but it wasn’t too long ago that this little village experienced the worst flooding in over 100 years. The lessons learned during that event have helped shape the town known and loved by residents, thousands of visitors the world over, and Statewide insurance Solutions, too. One lesson is the value of umbrella insurance to those who help recovery efforts after a disaster.

You can be held liable for damage during a disaster.

Natural disasters such as a tornado or flooding are unpredictable and nobody is going to reasonably blame you for the damage that results. However, sometimes a claim could be made against you during recovery efforts. For example, if you use a vehicle or watercraft to evacuate and accidentally damage someone else’s property you could be found liable for that particular damage. If you open your home to shelter others and those people end up hurt they could sue you as well. The cost of defending liability claims while also rebuilding or replacing your own property can very quickly exhaust your primary insurance policy.

Good Samaritan laws don’t automatically protect volunteers.

Good Samaritan law is one that gives someone immunity from liability for damages caused while rendering aid. Every state has some version of this law, including Illinois. Unfortunately, some situations are better covered by the law than others. That means even though you are voluntarily helping those in danger, if the people you’re helping suffer an injury, you can still be held liable even if you’re saving lives. In these cases, umbrella coverage could help cover the cost of litigation against you.

There are plenty of more situations where an umbrella policy can help. If you live in the Gurnee, IL area reach out to Statewide Insurance Solutions to learn more!

Do Young Families Need Life Insurance?

The process of finding life insurance that matches current and future needs can be challenging without insight regarding the types of insurance that are available and which works best for specific situations. Most people may assume that life insurance is something to address later in life, but actually, life insurance is also highly beneficial for other age groups and circumstances.

How Can Young Families Benefit From Life Insurance?

Young families are perhaps the most vulnerable to hardships if there is the loss of an income provider. One of the best ways to protect from potential hardships is to prepare in advance with a quality, well thought-out life insurance policy. The best way to get a policy in place that matches the client’s beneficiary needs is to work with a licensed and skilled life insurance agent. They can help identify ongoing costs and future needs while calculating how many years the claim should provide support. 

Trusted Service

Finding an agency with professional life insurance agents who can work closely with clients is the key to obtaining the right type of coverage for a life insurance policy. Those who are currently researching options and wanting to learn more about protecting their family or loved ones should work with Statewide Insurance Solutions, serving Gurnee, IL. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to help create peace of mind by assisting customers in getting life insurance coverage that suits their needs. 

Don’t risk leaving loved ones behind without a blanket of protection against hardships. Get quality life insurance coverage that can help reduce the burden of a covered loss and provide future stability. Call or stop by Statewide Insurance Solutions if you live in or near the Gurnee, IL area, and find out what we can do for you. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Home Business?

As more people discover the benefits of running a business from home, the question of insurance is bound to arise. A home-based business needs protection just as much as any other business on the outside. By discussing commercial insurance options with an agent from Statewide Insurance Solutions, you’ll have a better idea of the type of protection your home-based enterprise in Gurnee, IL needs. Here are some factors to consider when insuring your home business.

Business Equipment

Home insurance is designed to protect your dwelling and personal belongings, not the equipment used for business purposes. If your home is burglarized or your equipment damaged in a natural disaster, would you be able to recuperate your losses? Commercial property insurance can protect your business equipment against theft, fire, vandalism, storm damage, and other disasters common to your local area.

If you produce or sell products and are storing your inventory at home, property insurance will protect it against damage or loss in the event of a disaster. Property insurance provides much-needed funds to help you recover from a loss, so your business can continue to operate after a disaster. 


Home insurance protects you against personal liability claims that arise when someone has an accident on your property. If a client, however, has an accident while visiting your home for business purposes, your business could be held liable for his medical costs.

With commercial liability coverage, your business is protected against injuries or property damage claims customers may have while visiting your home-based enterprise. Product liability protects you against claims of property damage or injury caused by a defective product you manufacture or sell.

For more information about commercial insurance options for a home-based business, call or visit us at Statewide Insurance Solutions in Gurnee, IL.

What Does Bar Insurance Cover?

The bar and tavern industry has more inherent risks than many other types of business. From angry patrons to the perils of spilled beer on the floor, having the right kind of insurance can be the key to protecting you if something happens. If you own a bar in Gurnee, IL, there are a few things you should know about what bar insurance covers. 

How It Works 

Like most commercial policies, bar insurance typically includes protection for your building and property. This includes anything from the chairs to the bottles of top-shelf liquor kept behind the bar. But bar insurance can also cover coverage in case your food spoils or your beer kegs have been contaminated. If the water from your sink backs up or your employees decide to steal from you, you may be able to arrange for exclusive coverage for these events too. If your bar needs to close down for repairs for several months, you may also be able to include business interruption coverage, so you don’t have to go without income for weeks on end. 

Find Out More 

Bar coverage in Gurnee, IL can be what you make of it. If you want to insure your sign from damage or your equipment from mechanical failure, you can discuss options with a qualified insurance professional. If you want to explore the policies available to you, give Statewide Insurance Solutions a call. Your policy may depend on not only the type of bar, but also the location, your sale history (or projected earnings), and your experience of ownership. If you offer live entertainment at your establishment, this may also affect the type of policy you should take out. Statewide Insurance Solutions is here to answer your questions and sort through the possibilities for your bar. 


Tips when buying an umbrella insurance policy

In today’s litigious society, carrying an umbrella policy over your primary liability policies is becoming increasingly essential to protect one’s finances. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of umbrella coverage and live in the Waukegan or Gurnee, IL area, reach out to an agent at  Statewide Insurance Solutions today. 

When looking to purchase an umbrella insurance policy, one of the first things you will need to do is work with your agent to determine the amount of coverage you should carry. There are a variety of factors you will need to consider to come up with the appropriate coverage amount. 

The first consideration to take into account is the type of activities you participate in that might increase your likelihood of a claim. For example, if you are involved in a carpool with other people’s children, you may want to consider a higher limit or if you have a pool in the backyard. 

Another consideration is to account for all the assets you need to protect. You will want to look at all of your assets such as bank accounts and retirement funds and personal belongings that could be at risk as a result of a lawsuit. In addition to current assets, you will want to look at your future earnings, as those can be at risk in a lawsuit. 

In addition to working with your agent to come up with an appropriate coverage limit, you will need to make sure your primary policies have the correct limits. Most umbrella insurance carriers will require you to carry minimum limits on your primary policies, so your agent can work to adjust your policies as necessary. 

Finally, you will want to confirm how defense costs are covered. The defense costs need to be covered outside policy limits. If your defense costs reduce your policy limits, you will quickly find yourself with little to no limits left on the policy. 

If you would like to speak to a specialist about umbrella coverage, reach out to an agent at Statewide Insurance Solutions today. We proudly serve the Waukegan and Gurnee, IL area. 

How Does Your Career Effect Your Life Insurance?

Statewide Insurance Solutions serves the people of Gurnee, IL with insurance services for all aspects of life. If you have been considering upgrading your life insurance or purchasing your first policy, we welcome you to give us a call to discuss your options and get a personalized quote. Life insurance is a policy that you should not have to put too much thought into after purchasing it, and we will be happy to clear up any confusion from the start. 

Many people do not realize that the job they choose may affect their life insurance policy. This does not mean that these people should not or cannot get an excellent life insurance policy. It often means they need insurance more than others. Here are a few professions that may affect your life insurance policy. 

  • High-risk jobs such as airplane pilot, ironworkers, roofers, industrial fishermen, electrical linemen, minors, and law enforcement officers all have special considerations when it comes to life insurance. 
  • Other jobs may surprise you that can have insurance regulations including bartender, legal marijuana dispenser, traveling teachers, and even physicians and nurses, in some situations. 

In many cases, professions that have higher risks for any reason often offer life insurance policies within the company. Either way, keep in mind that if you work a risky job, life insurance is more important than if you worked a less physically demanding or high-risk profession. Call us today at Statewide Insurance Solutions. We serve Gurnee, IL and the surrounding areas with quality insurance including life, and we can walk you through the simple process of purchasing life insurance to protect you and your loved ones no matter your chosen profession. 

Changes to Your Business That Require Additional Commercial Insurance

Changes to Your Business That Require Additional Commercial Insurance

Statewide Insurance Solutions congratulates you on your growing Gurnee, IL business. Your expansion, that new office and/or the employees you’ve hired send a clear sign that you are doing everything right. Now, protect your growth by increasing your commercial insurance.

You probably obtained bare-bones coverage when you opened your business. Hey, you were on a tight budget and needed to cover all the bases. Now though, you’ve changed your business, perhaps adding new services or expanding the size of the business location. That signifies a need for additional commercial coverage.

If either of the above scenarios fit your situation, you need to expand your commercial insurance. You increased the equipment people could get harmed using, you have additional customer space which means added customers, or you added new services, which also drew new people into your business space. If any of them incurs harm, you are liable for the damages and their medical costs.

If you expanded by hiring employees, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider to obtain worker’s compensation insurance. States require you to purchase worker’s comp insurance when you hire employees. This protects your company from incurring liability losses if an employee gets hurt while working. It also protects your employees from exorbitant medical costs when they incur an injury at work.

If you expand your commercial fleet, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. You need separate coverage on each vehicle.

Learn more about business expansion and the need for additional commercial insurance by contacting Statewide Insurance Solutions of Gurnee, IL. We can help you determine which types of commercial insurance you need and build a policy package that provides it all.