A Thorough Overview Of Bar/Restaurant Insurance

Statewide Insurance Solutions serves the Gurnee, IL community, as well as the surrounding areas, through offering multiple types of insurance coverage. We strive to help our clients find policies that will protect them against life’s challenges. We will provide you with personalized attention so that you can find a policy that suits your individual situation.

Overview Of Bar/Restaurant Insurance

If you are a bar owner in the Gurnee IL area, one of your top priorities is protecting your investment. Bar/Restaurant insurance allows you to protect your investment against the daily risks associated with operating a business, as well as unexpected disasters. The policy will cover you if you are involved in a potential liability dispute. You will also be covered if your business is vandalized or your inventory is damaged due to a natural disaster.

Worker’s compensation is important, as it allows you to protect your business and your employees. You will be protected if one of your employees suffers a serious injury while they are on the job. A good worker’s compensation policy can also help you attract new talent.

As serving alcohol is an important part of your business, liability coverage is very important. If you serve a patron another round of drinks when they are already showing signs of being intoxicated, the policy will protect you if the patron causes any damage to your establishment. You will also be protected if you are held liable for serving a drink or some food that makes a customer sick. If you use vehicles to transport inventory, you can add coverage to protect your vehicles if they suffer damages. As your business starts to grow, consider adding umbrella coverage as a safety net.

Statewide Insurance Solutions Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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