is Your Gurnee, IL Business Disaster Ready?

With natural disasters on the rise, commercial insurance is more important than ever to protect your Gurnee, IL business from financial loss. Insuring your business is one of many ways to prepare your company against disasters. At Statewide Insurance Solutions, we recommend you make a disaster preparedness plan that includes the following:

Assess Your Risks

Assess the risks to your business so you can prepare against them. Illinois is prone to a number of disasters to include severe rainstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, etc. Depending on the type of business you own and its location, your company could also be at risk of theft, fire or vandalism. Once you’ve assessed your business risks, take measures to protect your building, equipment and inventory against them.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Create a plan for evacuating your customers or employees from your business site in the event of a disaster. Protecting your workers and clientele from injury or death is a priority. Designate escape routes and make sure they’re well marked and accessible so people have no problems reaching them when disaster strikes.

Protect Critical Data  

Back up critical customer and employee data as well as essential business records and programs in a separate, safe location. If your data is lost at your business site due to a disaster, you’ll have backup copies to continue business operations and expedite your recovery.  

Customize Commercial Coverage

Tailor your commercial insurance to provide the essential protection your company needs. Talk to your Statewide Insurance Solutions agent about coverage options, deductibles, insurance limits and exclusions so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your policy. By customizing your commercial policy, you can maximize the protection your business receives against disasters.

For more information about commercial coverage for your Gurnee, IL small business, contact Statewide Insurance Solutions today.