Do You Need Bar Insurance in Illinois?

Do you operate a bar in Illinois or plan to open one in the near future? Then you’ll need to find out if bar insurance is required. It helps to talk to a professional at an agency such as Statewide Insurance Solutions, which serves the Gurnee, IL area.

Bar Insurance Requirements in Illinois

It is necessary for you to have bar insurance if you operate a business that sells alcohol in Illinois. This is known as liquor liability insurance. It can be added to your existing policy (or one that you’re just having put in place) or you can have it be a standalone policy if this is not available. Most of the states in the United States do require a bar to have this.

Dram Insurance Not Only for Bars and Restaurants

It’s not only bars and restaurants that should have bar insurance in place. If you plan to serve any alcohol at an event for your business, this will be necessary. This also is the case if your business has a BYOB (bring your own beverage) event or if this is allowed under normal operation. This is also the case if your business sells alcohol in containers to be consumed off the premises.

Learn What You Need for Insurance in Gurnee, IL

You would do well to talk to a dependable agent about the matter of getting bar insurance, or liquor liability insurance. Someone from Statewide Insurance Solutions can assist you with a policy that will fit your unique situation. Look no further than our agency for top-notch and reliable guidance for your insurance needs. Reach out by calling or stopping by the office, or ask any questions via the online form today.