How does an umbrella policy help after a natural disaster?

It might be difficult to imagine a town like Gurnee, IL suffering a major disaster, but it wasn’t too long ago that this little village experienced the worst flooding in over 100 years. The lessons learned during that event have helped shape the town known and loved by residents, thousands of visitors the world over, and Statewide insurance Solutions, too. One lesson is the value of umbrella insurance to those who help recovery efforts after a disaster.

You can be held liable for damage during a disaster.

Natural disasters such as a tornado or flooding are unpredictable and nobody is going to reasonably blame you for the damage that results. However, sometimes a claim could be made against you during recovery efforts. For example, if you use a vehicle or watercraft to evacuate and accidentally damage someone else’s property you could be found liable for that particular damage. If you open your home to shelter others and those people end up hurt they could sue you as well. The cost of defending liability claims while also rebuilding or replacing your own property can very quickly exhaust your primary insurance policy.

Good Samaritan laws don’t automatically protect volunteers.

Good Samaritan law is one that gives someone immunity from liability for damages caused while rendering aid. Every state has some version of this law, including Illinois. Unfortunately, some situations are better covered by the law than others. That means even though you are voluntarily helping those in danger, if the people you’re helping suffer an injury, you can still be held liable even if you’re saving lives. In these cases, umbrella coverage could help cover the cost of litigation against you.

There are plenty of more situations where an umbrella policy can help. If you live in the Gurnee, IL area reach out to Statewide Insurance Solutions to learn more!