What Does Bar Insurance Cover?

The bar and tavern industry has more inherent risks than many other types of business. From angry patrons to the perils of spilled beer on the floor, having the right kind of insurance can be the key to protecting you if something happens. If you own a bar in Gurnee, IL, there are a few things you should know about what bar insurance covers. 

How It Works 

Like most commercial policies, bar insurance typically includes protection for your building and property. This includes anything from the chairs to the bottles of top-shelf liquor kept behind the bar. But bar insurance can also cover coverage in case your food spoils or your beer kegs have been contaminated. If the water from your sink backs up or your employees decide to steal from you, you may be able to arrange for exclusive coverage for these events too. If your bar needs to close down for repairs for several months, you may also be able to include business interruption coverage, so you don’t have to go without income for weeks on end. 

Find Out More 

Bar coverage in Gurnee, IL can be what you make of it. If you want to insure your sign from damage or your equipment from mechanical failure, you can discuss options with a qualified insurance professional. If you want to explore the policies available to you, give Statewide Insurance Solutions a call. Your policy may depend on not only the type of bar, but also the location, your sale history (or projected earnings), and your experience of ownership. If you offer live entertainment at your establishment, this may also affect the type of policy you should take out. Statewide Insurance Solutions is here to answer your questions and sort through the possibilities for your bar.