Tips for driving safely during deer season

Taking a drive in the fall of the year can be beautiful and relaxing, but motorists need to keep in mind that with the leaves changing colors come deer mating and hunting season. This can make the most enjoyable drive in the country a nightmare if you strike one with your vehicle.

Here are some tips on how to keep your vehicle and your family safe from deer versus car accidents.

Know Your Surroundings

According to the University of Illinois Extension Office, most vehicle crashes involving a deer happen during the period of October through December. It is vital that you pay attention to your surroundings and slow down when you see a deer crossing sign. Those signs are placed in areas in which several deer-vehicle crashes have occurred and in areas where there are a higher number of deer.

 Watch Out For the Others

Deer like to run in packs. So, if you see one along the side of the road, there might be several more right behind him or her. Many motorists have swerved to avoid hitting a deer only to end up hitting another one in the pack or crashing their car into a ditch or tree. It is better to hit the deer in front of you if you cannot avoid it.

Watch the Clock

Deer tend to become more active early in the morning or around dusk in the evening. Your visibility during those times is lessened due to some amount of darkness, so you will want to reduce your speed and use your bright headlights to ensure you can see several feet in front of you. Your lights will make the deer’s eyes more visible to you if he or she turns your way before crossing in front of you on the roadway.

Contact Your Agent at Statewide Insurance Solutions in Gurnee, IL

If you do collide with a deer, there will be quite an amount of damage to your vehicle and possibly injuries to yourself or others in the vehicle. Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible and always file a report with law enforcement. The staff at Statewide Insurance Solutions in Gurnee, IL is always ready to assist you in recovering from a collision with a deer.