How Does Your Career Effect Your Life Insurance?

Statewide Insurance Solutions serves the people of Gurnee, IL with insurance services for all aspects of life. If you have been considering upgrading your life insurance or purchasing your first policy, we welcome you to give us a call to discuss your options and get a personalized quote. Life insurance is a policy that you should not have to put too much thought into after purchasing it, and we will be happy to clear up any confusion from the start. 

Many people do not realize that the job they choose may affect their life insurance policy. This does not mean that these people should not or cannot get an excellent life insurance policy. It often means they need insurance more than others. Here are a few professions that may affect your life insurance policy. 

  • High-risk jobs such as airplane pilot, ironworkers, roofers, industrial fishermen, electrical linemen, minors, and law enforcement officers all have special considerations when it comes to life insurance. 
  • Other jobs may surprise you that can have insurance regulations including bartender, legal marijuana dispenser, traveling teachers, and even physicians and nurses, in some situations. 

In many cases, professions that have higher risks for any reason often offer life insurance policies within the company. Either way, keep in mind that if you work a risky job, life insurance is more important than if you worked a less physically demanding or high-risk profession. Call us today at Statewide Insurance Solutions. We serve Gurnee, IL and the surrounding areas with quality insurance including life, and we can walk you through the simple process of purchasing life insurance to protect you and your loved ones no matter your chosen profession.