Does Home Insurance Cover the Cost of Items in Your home that You Do Not Own?

Home insurance covers a wide range of things that you may not even expect, such as items in your home that you do not own. For those that live in the Gurnee, IL area, the agents with Statewide insurance Solutions can help you find the policy that is going to work best for you.

When it comes to home insurance you are required to insure the home itself, the outbuildings and other items that are outside the home, and the contents. In most cases, your contents coverage is going to be a ballpark figure with many insurance companies requiring that you insure a minimum amount. Many companies have you insure a base amount like $25,000 for contents which do build in some wiggle room if you have items that are rented or if you have someone staying with you and their belongings are destroyed or if you are borrowing an item.

For the most part, the wiggle room that you have in your insured contents is going to allow you to replace your own items as well as any items in the home that are not your own. You can insure the contents of your home for more than the base amount and can even provide an itemized list if you have things like a collection that may be worth a great deal of money or items that you want individual coverage for like antique furniture or individual pieces of jewelry. It is always helpful to take the time to look at your home contents and to make sure your home policy has them adequately covered.

For those that live in the Gurnee, IL area, the agents with Statewide Insurance Solutions can help you to find the home policy that covers all your belongings.