What are My RV Insurance Requirements?

For people in the Waukegan, IL area, one great investment to make would be to purchase an RV. When you have an RV, you will have a great recreational vehicle that can be used to tour the country. Before buying an RV and getting on the road, it is important that you better understand your RV insurance requirements. 

State Requirements

Similar to when you drive a car in the state, those that own and operate an RV in Illinois need to be able to meet the basic RV insurance requirements to stay in compliance with the law. To be in compliance, you will need to carry liability insurance of at least $25,000 for property damage coverage plus bodily injury damage coverage of at least $25,000 per person with a per-incident cap of $50,000. Any less than this, and you can face severe penalties set forth by the state. 

Other Considerations

When you are looking to buy an RV, you also need to consider the requirements set forth by your lender. If you have a loan against the RV, you will need to likely also carry a full collision and comprehensive policy. This will provide a variety of different types of coverage as well, including coverage against theft, vandalism, or damage to your vehicle from an accident.

If you have an RV in the Waukegan, IL area, it is essential to make sure that you speak with Statewide Insurance Solutions to better understand your insurance needs. When you meet with the team at Statewide Insurance Solutions, you can learn more about the basic state requirements and other factors that will influence your RV insurance needs. The team will also be able to help you get a quote and answer any questions you may have. Visit or call our offices for more information.