Can You Get A Citation While You’re Operating A Boat?

Spending a day at the lake can be a fun time for everyone. Boat owners who live near Waukegan, IL always look forward to taking a long cruise around the lake or spending the day fishing. The agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions can offer helpful suggestions on staying safe while you’re out on the water. Boat safety is important to everyone at the lake and should always be a concern whether you are operating the craft or are just a passenger.

Boating Rules and Regulations

Some rules and regulations must be followed while operating a boat on the water, just as when you operate a car on the highways and streets. Just because there are no lines to follow, it doesn’t mean the lake or river is an open playground. When other watercraft are nearby, it’s extremely important to know the rules and regulations of operating a watercraft on a public waterway.

Consideration for Others

In addition to following the rules of the water, you should also be respectful and courteous of other boaters. Give the right away and slow down as you approach other boats and watercraft. Be mindful of your wake and how it will affect others on the water. Avoid being reckless. The Coast Guard and park rangers do have the authority to offer citations and will do so if they feel they are warranted.

Waukegan, IL residents who love to spend time on the water can turn to the agents of Statewide Insurance Solutions if they have questions about a citation they received while on the water and how it could affect your insurance. Call and schedule an appointment today so you can get the answers you need!