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Statewide Insurance Solutions Auto Body/Repair Shop Insurance

At Statewide Insurance Solutions in Waukegan, IL, we are committed to providing you with the right coverage for your needs. Our experience in the insurance industry in both Illinois and Wisconsin includes experts dedicated to finding the right policy that safeguards your auto body/repair shop.

Auto Body/Repair Shop Coverage

  • Business Insurance: With the appropriate amount of small business insurance, you can be proactive in minimizing potential risks that may come from working with customers and their property.
  • General Liability Insurance: General protects your auto shop if something unexpected occurs with your customers or their property, products you sell, and your advertising.
  • Business Owners Policy: A business owners insurance policy includes general liability and property coverage for your business property and assets. That means it protects you from losses against damage to your physical business structures or their contents. In addition, it covers the loss of intangible business assets, such as cash, checks, and warranties.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Commercial auto insurance is vital for an auto body and repair shop because it covers automobile accidents in which company or personal vehicles are involved, along with those rented or loaned. Such as if you or an employee drives a customer’s vehicle to test a problem and the unexpected occurs. This insurance provides for damages or loss of vehicles involved in the incident, as well as medical coverage for the injured.
  • Workers Compensation: Workers compensation is mandated by law and covers the employee's medical bills and expenses if they get hurt on the job. This is especially important since accidents can easily happen in an auto shop.

Call or stop by our Waukegan, IL office today to talk with one of our Statewide Insurance Solutions agents. We can help residents of Illinois and Wisconsin get started on policies and answer your questions. For a quote on home or auto insurance, try our online rating tool.

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